Professional Fabric Protection:

We use what the professionals use.  Protects carpets, mats, seat belts, headliner, and leather from becoming soiled/stained.  Perfect for new vehicles or newly detailed vehicles.  see services tab for more information

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Professional Odor Removal:

smoker's odor, mold & mildew odors, pet odors, etc.

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After Mold Removal

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Professional Mold Remediation: 

We use a two step process 1) cleaning/mold removal using hydrogen peroxide based product 2) ozone vehicle to get into nooks and crannies (vents, etc. )

Before Mold Removal

Note: enlarge video first then hit play to avoid blurry screen 

 ​​​Our Specialty Exterior Correction:

Our detailing specialty is exterior correction i.e. buffing out oxidation, water marks, scratches, swirls etc.

These recent photos show the before and after of removing heavy oxidation from a 1993 Volvo station wagon. 

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We have forged a legacy of sustained excellence.  Our incredible customers have documented this success in the form of over 440 five star reviews spanning over 9 years!

Coming soon - Ceramic Exterior Coating

Nothing protects your paint like a ceramic shield.  It's truly an amazing high tech product.  more information to follow..