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Paint correction and paint protection go hand and hand.  We bring True Master Paint Correction Artistry to the table.  Swirl removal, scratch removal, oxidation removal, hard water mark removal, We offer ceramic spray, full ceramic coatings, Graphene ...

We perform all aspects of the vehicle mold remediation process:

1) Hydro testing (leak detection)

2) Leak repair

3) Moisture removal (drying out vehicle)

4) Chemical remediation

5) Gas remediation

6) Cabin air filter replacement

4Runner Ceramic Coated

Professional ​Mold Remediation for Vehicles

Photo sent from a customer of his Porsche after we

restored the paint and ceramic coated it

Titan Truck Ceramic Coated

Titan Truck

Ceramic Coated

When you discover mold in your vehicle it can be quite overwhelming to figure out how to get your vehicle back to a mold free condition. Nearly all vehicles that have mold have a leak. Mold needs moisture in order to grow and thrive. Without finding and fixing the leak, the mold will return and you will be back to square one. In addition, mold spores will be throughout your entire vehicle (behind the dash, in the ventilation system, behind the door panels, in the seat foam, in the carpet padding, etc., etc.) With these two facts in mind, here are some questions to ask service providers you interview about remediating your vehicle:
1) Do you find and fix the leaks that are causing the mold growth?
2) Do you dry the carpet padding that fuels the mold growth?
3) Do you use professional mold remediation chemicals to remove the visible mold?
4) How do you kill the mold in places you can't access i.e. behind the dash, in the ventilation system, behind the door panels, in the seat foam, in the carpet padding, etc.?
5) Do you replace the cabin air filter?

We have been offering professional grade mold remediation services for vehicles for over SIX years.  During this time we have performed over 800 vehicle mold remediation jobs.  

2006 Subaru Outback

After Remediation

Kia Carnival Ceramic Coated

Old Peterbuilt truck -oxidation buffed out and ceramic finish

Dodge Charger  Ceramic Coated

2006 Subaru Outback

Before Remediation

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