What's the difference between paint sealers and wax?

Paint sealers offer longer and superior paint protection compered to wax.  Sealers bond to the clear coat, wax sits on top of the clear coat.  Sealers are synthetic (acrylic or polymer based).  Wax typically has at least some natural carnauba.  Sealers go on very thin, wax goes on thicker providing a deeper wetter looking reflection.

Where do those swirls and micro scratches come from?

​Black, red, and other dark colored vehicle owners:  You're careful, you take your vehicle only to hand wash salons and yet your car still gets countless swirls, scuffs and smudges all over it.  Why is this happening? 

 improper washing techniques - not rinsing the vehicle sufficiently before washing it, not using a sufficient amount of soap to dislodge dirt, allowing abrasive grit to build up on the wash mitt/cloth 

improper drying techniques includes aggressive drying (rubbing too hard with drying cloth), drying the vehicle in direct sunlight, using micro fiber instead of chomois

What is the easiest vehicle color to maintain?

Silver is the best overall color when is comes to low maintenance colors.  It does not "broadcast" imperfections, and yet it can display a very appealing reflection when waxed and maintained.

​Black, red, and other dark colored vehicle are high maintenance colors.  They show ever minor imperfection, and since they get so hot from UV rays, they require much more attention to prevent oxidation

when it absolutely positively must be like new again

The trick to using touch up paint

The trick to using touch up paint is making sure to minimize the amount of paint on the brush.  Swath the brush on the rim of the paint container until no more paint comes off.  Touch the brush on the scratch or chip (don't brush the paint on) and let the paint transfer to the area being painted.  Have a rag ready to wipe off mistakes quickly, because touch up paint dries very quickly.  If the touch up paint has clear coat included, Don't use it.  It will make the touch up much more noticeable defeating the original goal.