when it absolutely positively must be like new again

Service includes:

thorough wash

clay bar

entire vehicle polished (vehicles needing more extensive correction i.e. compounding will cost more depending on the level of correction needed)

surface prep (chemically cleaned to prepare surface for ceramic)

rims cleaned

tires shined

Nano Pro Plus ceramic 9H applied to all exterior painted surfaces, hard plastic surfaces, and metal trim (ceramic is not applied to rubber trim and rubber window seals)

Curing time:

24 hours 90%

48 hours 100%

The vehicle must be kept out of the elements for 24 hours after application.  



Coupes and sedans                                  $600

Trucks and SUVs                                      $800

Over sized vehicles                                  priced on a case by case basis


get a second coat of ceramic applied $200 coupes & sedans $250 SUVs & trucks

the second coat is applied seven (7) days after the first coat

ceramic coating for rims face of rim only                             $25 per rim

ceramic coating for rims face of rim and inside of rim         $50 per rim

Note1 while ceramic offers long lasting paint protection with minimal maintenance effort, the vehicle does need to be washed to keep dirt from building up and degrading the ceramic protective properties, bird dropping, sap, and bugs do need to be removed on a timely basis.  

Note2 an annual inspection is required to maintain the ceramic warranty


In addition to offering superior paint protection, ceramic offers great reflective qualities

This is a great solution for vehicles that: sit outside and are not garage kept (especially if the vehicle sits under trees), for those who want minimal effort to maintain the vehicle's exterior appearance (will shine for years without waxing), for those who want maximum paint protection against the elements, UV, bug, tar,sap,bird dropping damage, etc,   

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a very hard finish that protects the paint for years.  It offers superior protection against scratching, and damaging contaminates.  If maintained correctly, the exterior will not need to be waxed for three (3) to five (5) years.