when it absolutely positively must be like new again


(1) Exterior only - wash/*paint sealed (waxed)

Objective: to improve the appearance of the exterior, and to protect the vehicle's exterior against UV damage, and contaminates

We wash and dry the vehicle using our unique wash method designed to prohibit the creation of micro scratches.

We remove all bugs tar and sap.  

We apply acrylic based or polymer based *paint sealers depending on the condition of the clear coat

*Paint sealers are just like traditional waxes expect they actually chemically bond to the clear coat instead of just sitting on top of it.  

They offer far superior longevity of protection than waxes do

under gas flap cleaned

debris under hood removed

rims cleaned

tires shined

2 & 4 door cars                                                                                            $120

Trucks & SUVs                                                                                            $145

This service will provide six months of paint protection 

extra options:

Clay bar to remove embedded grit or paint over spray - price depending on extent of clay barring needed

If the entire vehicle needs to be buffed click on the 

paint correction button for information and pricing.

Over sized vehicles quoted case by case

Core Detailing Services

We truly are unique in our approach to mobile detailing.  Our uniqueness includes how we wash vehicles, how we dry them, how we apply our paint sealers, how we detail the interior, the tools we use etc etc.  We do not offer quick wash/vacuum detailing services.  All of our services are designed to make a material difference in the appearance and protection of the vehicle.  

Currently these are the Core Detailing Services we offer:

1) Exterior only - wash/*paint sealed (waxed)

2) Full interior/exterior detail (our most popular service)

(2) Full interior/exterior detail (most popular service) 

Objective: to return the vehicle to a "like new" condition (excluding exterior correction i.e. buffing)


This is a very comprehensive interior service including:
headliner, mats, carpets, seats (leather cleaned/conditioned cloth cleaned), doors, etc. etc.  essentially every square inch in the interior including the trunk, and door/trunk jambs 
Please remove contents of compartments that you want cleaned i.e. glove box, center console, door compartments, etc.   (if it's free of contents we'll clean it).


See above Exterior Only wash/*paint seal  

2 & 4 door cars                                           prices start at                          $175

Trucks & SUVs                                           prices start at                          $225 ​

The above prices are typical prices and are prices for vehicles in reasonable condition.  We price our services based on the amount of time it will take to complete the job.  70% of vehicles are typically in reasonable shape and are priced as above.  Example:  SUVs without a lot of "small child activity," or pet hair, etc. would be $225, but a SUV with a lot of "small child activity" would typically be $300.    

Things that drive the price up:

Pet hair - price depends on extent of pet hair    

Deeply soiled carpets or cloth seats - price depends on extent of spills etc.

SUVs with a lot of small child activity

Odor removal - some odors will be eliminated as a by product of the comprehensive interior cleaning process. However, some odors will persist and will need an ozone treatment to be eliminated.  Click on the odor removal button for ozone pricing and information    

Over sized vehicles quoted case by case