We provide professional vehicle mold remediation services with a two step approach:

1) clean the entire vehicle with a peroxide based mold remediation product

2) utilize ozone gas technology to kill mold spores that can't be reached via traditional cleaning methods i.e. carpet padding, seat padding, headliner foam, etc, etc


In order to ensure the mold does not return, the source of the leak must be fixed and verified prior to beginning the mold remediation process.  The vehicle must be able to be started and the ventilation system (vehicle AC and heat) must be in good working order.  The vehicle must be in safe secure location in proximity to a power outlet.  The vehicle must be completely dry prior to beginning the mold remediation process.     


Note: The vehicle must be completely dry before beginning the mold remediation process.  There may be an additional charge to dry out the vehicle depending on how wet the vehicle is.  Drying out carpet padding can be a very time consuming process.  We can coach the owner on how to best do this to save them in the cost of the mold remediation process.

The entire interior of the vehicle (seat belts, headliner, carpets, seats dash, doors, mats etc. etc. i.e. every square inch) is cleaned/treated with a peroxide based mold remediation chemical 

An ozone gas generating machine is placed in the vehicle for a minimum of 12 hours (depends on the severity of the mold).  After the prescribed ozone time has elapsed, the vehicle is started and the AC is turned on for 30 minutes.  This allows the concentrated ozone to surge through the vents and cabin filter to eradicate mold in those areas.  Note: as an extra precaution, it is recommended to replace the cabin filter.  After completion of the ozone process, the vehicle MUST be aired out for three hours before it can be occupied.  (ozone in concentrated amounts is a respiratory irritant and should be avoided) 

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