when it absolutely positively must be like new again

Odor Removal

We utilize a two step process to remove odors.  1) Comprehensively clean the interior (every nook and cranny)    2) utilize ozone gas technology to chemically neutralize odor causing agents that can't be accessed via traditional cleaning methods i.e. carpet padding, headliner padding, deep within vents, seat foam, etc.

After the deep cleaning is completed, a ozone machine is placed in the vehicle for twelve hours (typically over night).  After the twelve hour period has elapsed, the vehicle is started and the ozone is circulated through the ventilation system for 30 minutes.  The vehicle then must be aired out for three hours before being occupied.

2 door small coops (no back seat)                                                                                    $250

4 door sedans                                                                                                                   $300

Trucks and SUVs                                                                                                              $350


Interior add ons
Pet hair removal - price depends on extent of pet hair    
Deeply soiled carpets or cloth seats - price depends on extent of spills etc.