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Finding the time to get your vehicle detailed can be challenging. That’s why we come to you with our mobile car detailing. You can trust that once we finish with your vehicle, you’ll hardly recognize it. Our use of steam and hot water is the perfect combination to remove dirt and stains. And if you don’t believe us, check out our over 400 5-star reviews.

Our services are high-quality, fast, and convenient. And to top it off, we offer competitive pricing to make sure your detailing service fits your budget.

For an experienced mobile car detailing service you can trust, contact Lonadier’s Mobile Detailing & More in Atlanta, GA, today at 770.375.9192.


Mobile Car Detailing for Atlanta, GA

Three words that define us: Quality ~ Quality ~ Quality

We offer a few different exterior detailing packages, and you can choose the one that you need for your vehicle. All of the packages include an exterior wash, a rim cleaning, and a tire shine. After those basic services, the packages vary.

If you want a more extensive service, choose our Exterior Wash – Vacuum – Wipe Down option, which includes glass cleaning and vacuuming. We even offer ceramic sealers and ceramic coatings.


Mobile Car Detailing in Atlanta, GA - Tampa, FL - Nashville, TN - Charlotte, NC

What We Do

We offer a range of detailing services to ensure you are satisfied with your vehicle afterward. We service cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and motorcycles — basically anything that moves. You can choose the right service package to fit your needs.


Why Choose Us

Our interior–exterior package combines the essentials from the exterior package with a comprehensive cleaning on the inside, including cleaning the seats, mats, and carpets. We also offer pet hair removal for an extra fee.


Exterior Wash Wax


     This is an exterior only service

     Exterior washed 

     Rims cleaned 

     Glass silica sealer (wax) buffed in (six month paint protection)

     Tires shined


please call, text or email for pricing

If your vehicle could use a facelift, Lonadier’s Mobile Detailing & More is the one to call. Our mobile car detailing service can make your car or other vehicle look like new inside and out. If you’re in Atlanta, GA, give us a call today.


     Full interior/exterior detail (most popular service) 

     Objective: to return the vehicle to a "like new" condition

     (excludes exterior correction i.e. buffing)


     This is a very comprehensive interior service including:

     headliner, mats, carpets, seats (leather cleaned/conditioned cloth 

     cleaned), doors, etc. etc.  essentially every square inch in the

     interior including the trunk, and door/trunk jambs 
     Please remove contents of compartments that you want cleaned

     i.e. glove box, center console, door compartments, etc.   (if it's   

     free of contents we'll clean it).

     Wash - Wax - Rims - Tires 

please call, text or email for pricing